PackControl helps you manage all your reusable packaging in easy to understand modules.

Choose what works best for you


Keep track of all reusable packaging items and transfers

  • Automatic import of transfers
  • View current and completed transfers
  • Check outstanding balances
    (clients, suppliers, carriers)
  • View quantities and values
  • Inform counterparties of completed transfers and outstanding balances

€ 149 /month


Direct, realtime reconciliation of transactions and balances

  • Everything in Balances, plus:
  • Direct reconciliation of transfers and balances via Counterpart Portal
  • Report, coordinate and solve disputes
  • Record responsibilities and agreements per carrier
  • Automatically apply Responsibility Rules

€ 449 /month


Match & manage transactions of pooling services or counterparties

  • Everything in Concord, plus:
  • Automatically match pooling service or counterparty transfers
  • Manage deviations through matching
  • Apply Effective Date Rules (waiting days)
  • Transfers without inducing a balance
  • Analysis and management reporting

€ 749 /month

Dutch VAT / btw (21%) is not included in the prices above.

View all PackControl features per module
    Balances Concord Pooling
Dataloader: import and export transfers (see for exceptions)
API links
Value mapping
Counterpart Portal
Outstanding balances overview
Enter, import and export counterpart data
Enter, import or export locations
Enter, import or export (returnable) packaging items
Master Packaging List
Products Extra
Add or import employees
Transfer stage (see for details)
Active users (see for exceptions)
User profiles / access security
Manually enter transfers
Journal search
Upload documents
Maximum data storage (see for details)
Data analysis
Balance Lock Date
Claim Resolution
Responsibility Rules
Transfer confirmation
Sandbox for training and testing
Automatic Matching
Balance Rules
Effective Date Rules
Pooling Rules
Tracking Rules
Trip planning
Inventory Items
Rental contract management

Import any exported csv data file in PackControl. Bridge naming differences with field mapping and benefit from precise insert, update and upsert control. Handles many common business scenarios using a standard tool.

Save once, reuse indefinitely. You can also automate integration with your existing business systems by reusing Dataloader tasks in the API. See blog post on integrating with PackControl.

Prebuilt templates

Use our prebuilt Starter Template import to get set up quickly.

Use our prebuilt Transaction Template for robust integration with existing business systems (ERP/TMS/WMS/Custom) with built-in ability to handle multiple identifiers per counterparty, location and product. When transfers are rejected they can be easily reviewed and fixed in the import buffer before resubmitting.

All major pooling companies

Pre-built import definitions are available for all major pooling companies such as IFCO, CHEP, EPS, RFH (Royal FloraHolland), etc.

  • PackControl Balance: 1 pre-built rental pool operator specific import definition included.
  • PackControl Concord: 2 pre-built rental pool operator specific import definitions included.
  • PackControl Pooling: All existing rental pool operator import definitions included.

Additional industry-specific import definitions can be implemented upon request. Prices will vary with complexity. Cost could be lower than you think due to our standardized methodology.

API integration

Depending on your existing systems and needs, API integration can offer more flexibility and power. Our consultants will be happy to discuss your situation.

All Import definitions use the upsert methodology combined with value mapping

Upsert: A combination of inserting and updating. If a record in your import file matches an existing record, the existing record is updated with the values in your file. If no match is found, a new record is created (inserted).

Value mapping: See Value Mapping feature

API links can be created between PackControl and other administrative software. Please note that consultancy support needed to create the links is not included in the price. Contact us for additional information about prices and possibilities. 

Value mapping is part of the Dataloader. In integrated systems, naming differences are unavoidable in variables from different sources. This happens e.g. when company names, product names or other values are written in a slightly different way. These differences are automatically mapped out via value mapping. New source values are matched using AI-like logic. You can match values using our easy-to-use matching interface. Once confirmed, the value mapping is used automatically in future imports.

The Counterpart Portal enables you to issue login credentials to any counterparty, so they can view transfers and balances.

PackControl Balances offers limited information and features, for viewing only.  

Additional features in Counterpart Portal for PackControl Concord and PackControl Pooling. Both:

  • Instant reconciliation of transactions and balances
  • Register, coordinate and resolve disputes at transfer line level, all in one place, for you and your counterparts

Two standard overviews are available, both in quantities and values:

  • For all accounts by location and packaging item
  • For all packaging items by account and location. 

In PackControl Concord and PackControl Pooling, additional analytical functions are available. Please check under the feature Data Analysis

Import or export your own company data and those of your clients, suppliers and carriers as needed. Manual data entry is also possible. 

Enter or import as many locations as needed. These can include both your own business locations and third party locations, both nationally and internationally. All location data can be exported completely. 

Enter or import as many (returnable) packaging items as needed. A predefined Master Packaging List of standard packaging items is available in our software. Items can be cloned and used to define your own unique packaging items. See details under Products Extra in the feature list for additional information about the possibilities of adding packaging items and services. All product data can be exported. 

The Master Packaging List currently includes over 140 items and new (pooling) items are added regularly. Standard items in this list can be cloned and adapted for use in your own administration or you can enter your own unique packaging items in your administration.

Pre-filled standard properties in the master list items make it easier to start up your own administration. GTIN numbers (formerly EAN codes) have been added to streamline data exchange with other software packages (incl. ERP, TMS, WMS).

PackControl lets you manage all reusable and single-use packaging items. It is also suitable for  related products and services. These are a few examples:

  • You can enter single-use packaging items and record their balances at your own locations by using the Inventory Items feature.
  • You can register Service transactions. For example: A carrier charges you an amount per returned pallet when exchanging euro pallets at a loading / unloading address. In PackControl you can register these service costs per transaction and export them to your financial software.

Depending on the package you use, the number of active employees (users) can be limited. For more information about the number of active users, user profiles and security access, please check Add active users and User profiles / access security in the features list.  

In PackControl Balances and PackControl Concord you cannot work real-time. The transfer status cannot be edited and is automatically set to Completed. You can enter or import transfers after completion; they can then still be modified if necessary. 

In PackControl Pooling each transfer can be allocated different Transfer Stages to record collection and issuing of packaging in real time (the physical work process). A transfer can be registered in PackControl before it has been physically executed by entering several stages, for example: Requested, Released or Planned

Drivers or loading dock employees can open transfers (In Process) and complete them, after which they can set the transfer to Completed for further administrative processing and checking.

The Confirmation Status is used for administrative processing of transfers and is adjustible in PackControl Concord and PackControl Pooling. For additional information, take a look at the Transfer Confirmation feature. 

  • PackControl Balances: 1 active user
  • PackControl Concord: max. 5 active users
  • PackControl Pooling: max. 25 active users

In PackControl Balances and PackControl Concord you can select from a number of predefined user profiles, including Administrator, Standard User, Read Only. In PackControl Pooling additional personalised user profiles can be defined. 

PackControl is especially focused on automatic data entry. If automization is not possible or wanted, you can manually enter as many transfers as needed. 

PackControl offers a comprehensive search function to look up specific transfers. 

Upload documents (e.g. pdf, photos, etc.) and link them to transfers, accounts, rental contracts and cases. 

  • PackControl Balance: 1 GB
  • PackControl Concord: 10 GB
  • PackControl Pooling: 100 GB

Use reports and overviews as a base for improved packaging management. In each report or overview you can click through to view the sources of numbers and values, or the individual transfers on which the figures are based. 

PackControl Concord: Limited number of reports and overviews.

PackControl Pooling: Full set of reports and overviews. 

Please contact us for further details. 

Lock account balances for selected accounts to prevent them from being changed up to and including the specified date.

Example: you and your counterparties have agreed the outstanding balances as per 31 March, so you lock these balances up to and including that date. Transfers completed before or on 31 March which have not yet been confirmed, are automatically marked Confirmed and balances can no longer be edited. Any adjustments to account balances after March 31 must be entered as new transfers.

In the Cases module you can handle claims from counterparties as well as the claims you submit to others (e.g. pooling companies). Link each claim to the transfer it relates to, manage its progress and add documents or photos. Counterparties can submit their claims in the usual way (e.g. via e-mail or telephone), but also via the Counterpart Portal.

As a general rule, when you collect or issue packaging you build up a balance with your supplier or customer. In the Responsibility Rules you record purchase and sales agreements with customers, suppliers and carriers that deviate from this standard rule. When collecting or issuing reusable packaging, the Responsibility Rule you entered ensures that the transfer is automatically processed correctly in PackControl and a balance is built up with the correct counterparty (e.g. the carrier). These kinds of deviating agreements often occur with parties that work with e.g. euro pallets and CC carts.

Transfer confirmation helps you to easily and consistently organize the administrative control process of your transfers. Check and update each transfer after import or entry. This can be done internally (by your own employees), externally (by the counterparty through our Counterpart Portal), or both, depending on how you want to arrange your administrative process. Standard processing steps have been predefined, including: Internal review, Pending confirmation, Disputed, Confirmed, etc.

A sandbox is a copy of the user administration which can be used as a testing or training environment (basically 'to play around in'). 

Use your own logo in PackControl for counterpart purposes and the Counterpart Portal. 

When renting items from a pooling company (e.g. IFCO, CHEP, EPS) physical transfers of items to counterparties usually have to be passed on to the pooling company. They then process the transfers and adjust your rental balance or credits to the amount of items you can still collect or transfer.

Checking whether the pooling company has correctly processed all your (counterparties') transfers can be time consuming. Via Automatic matching you can easily match pooling companies’ transactions with the transfers you entered in PackContol. Unprocessed or incorrectly processed transactions will automatically become visible.

Set rules for accounts, carriers and locations specifying the minimum and maximum quantities or values of packaging they may or must have in stock. These rules can trigger notifications or entry limitations and can be included in analytics. 

Effective date rules govern the number of delay days that may be agreed for transfers to a counterparty who are members of a packaging pool (e.g. CHEP pallets, CBL crates, Loscam pallets, etc.). The effective date offset, or delay days, represent the number of days which elapse between the physical receipt of the items by your counterparty and the date they are credited to your pooling account. The Effective Date Rules provide a continuous insight in the quantity of items currently in this intermediate phase. 

Specify and automate rules for pooled RTI.

Easily set up both standard and personalized rules regarding transfer balance and deposit settlement of pooling packaging.

Rules will be automatically applied where needed and the applied rule will be specified with each entry to allow for easy monitoring.

Specify and customize rules exactly to the  agreed specifications. PackControl fits around your way of working, without limitations.

Example 1: Delivery of CBL crates (or other pooled RTI with a fixed rental quantity) to a retailer with credits. Transfers can be booked automatically into your account with the pooling operator. In this case effective date rules can also be applied. 

Example 2: Delivery of pooled RTI (e.g. EPS crates) to a food processing company. Balances are not posted with the counterparty or a pooling operator. In this case deposits will be cleared with the pooling operator. 


As a standard, when processing a transfer of reusable packaging, you build up a balance with the location of the counterparty. In some situations you may want to register the packaging transaction without building up a balance with the relevant counterparty location. Instead you may require:

  • To build up a balance with the pooling company (credits), or,
  • Build up a balance with the account, but not for a specific location, or,
  • No balance build-up with the counterparty (the work process is comparable to one-off items or services).

Tracking Rules allow you to set the circumstances under which a certain balance build-up applies.

Create a trip and easily add transfers via drag & drop. In the trip overview the driver can see which specific transfers still need to be carried out.  This feature is suitable for companies with their own means of transportation who lack trip planning software. 

Items (e.g. single-use (packaging) items, but not services) can be marked as inventory items, which means a balance is recorded for your own location(s). 

Record and manage rental contracts with pooling service providers such as CHEP, IFCO, etcetera. The quantities per item which are entered with the rental contracts, form the basis for the calculations in the Packaging Statement: quantities rented vs quantities registered at Own locations, Account locations and Pooling locations.