The smartest software for
reusable packaging management


"PackControl has been instrumental in helping us save up to 75% of the time typically spent on processing our reusable packaging."

– Marcel, Logistics Planner

If you think your RTI processing can't be automated, think again.
PackControl is the best packaging management system to automate processing of all returnable and reusable packaging.


Value and quantities - Manage values and quantities of all reusable packaging items


Locations -
Manage and monitor locations of all your returnable packaging 


Realtime sign-off - Confirm transfers upon receipt and directly handle claims


Process management - Automate standard and custom-made rules and agreements


Contract management - Register contracts for easy monitoring, renewal and renegotiation


Hands-free processing - Reduce manual data entry, speed up processing, eliminate mistakes


Management reports - Easy reporting for data-based analysis and decision-making

Easily automate your reusable packaging registration

  • Easy setup and implementation
  • Import packaging items and locations
  • Unlimited number of items, locations, transfers
  • Efficiently plan, enter or import transfers
  • Check quantities upon receipt and easily report and handle claims

Save loads of time on RTI processes

  • Manage all (owned and pooling) reusable transport items
  • Automate processing of all transfers from your ERP, TMS, WMS, etc.
  • Automate processing of pooling operator overviews (e.g. IFCO, Chep)
  • Automatically apply rules, agreements, terms and conditions
  • Easily apply and monitor exceptions
Truck driver and colleague looking at paperwork

Create reports for professional decision-making

  • Manage quantities AND values of reusable packaging
  • Collect and analyse data for comprehensive reporting
  • Export relevant data for management reporting
  • Manage contracts for timely renewal and renegotiation
  • Link with your other administrative systems

Automate and control your reusable packaging registration

Have you created a reusable packaging management system using Excel spreadsheets for your owned and pooling packaging items? PackControl is the #1 packaging registration software solution that will help you save time. Manage quantities, values, items, locations, responsibilities and more.

Your complex system fully automated

If you think your system is too complicated to be automated, we are confident PackControl is the right packaging management system for you. Keep a firm grip, even in the busiest times of the year.

Manage pooling packaging without thinking

PackControl includes many different standardised settings for registering, transferring and matching e.g. EPS, CHEP, IPP, Loscam, CC, Royal FloraHolland and IFCO pooling items. This will suit even the most complex circumstances. Do you use different pooling companies or counterparties? Don't worry, it's possible in PackControl.

Improve your packaging management system

PackControl is the most comprehensive software for managing reusable transport items. Curious? Let us show you how it works. Plan a free live demo today.


Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions are listed below. Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us.

How is PackControl different from other software solutions?

Most software solutions for reusable packaging  management concentrate on a small part of the total process only. PackControl is a comprehensive packaging management software solution, which includes all parts of the packaging management process. From contracts and tracking rules, to transfers, claim resolution and balance lock dates. Even automatic matching of pooling items is possible. 

Would you like to know more? Take a look at our Products page

How can I buy a PackControl subscription?

Please get in contact with us via e-mail through our contact page.

Or call us at +31 (0)85 070 3710.

Does it take a lot of work to start with PackControl?
No, starting with PackControl is fairly easy. Our onboarding process has been designed in such a way that you can get started quickly, with minimum effort.
We're happy working in Excel at the moment, why should we switch?

Although Excel seems like an affordable solution, it takes a lot of work to correctly enter all data and keep track of transfers, numbers, locations, values, forwarders (and the specific rules and agreements you have with each of them), pooling items and contracts, etcetera.

We encounter companies with complex Excel sheets that can only be updated by a single person in an organisation. We also see companies losing track during peak season, just when it's important to know exactly where every item is, so that you can plan, manage and reduce costs. 

PackControl gives you full control over all reusable packaging items. You will make sure rules and agreements are always applied correctly, because they are automated. Concentrate on your business and stop searching where your reusable packaging items are now. You'll save time, money and prevent a lot of stress. 

Is it easy to change to PackControl from other software solutions?
Yes, all data from your current software package or Excel sheets can easily be imported in PackControl.
To what extent is PackControl automated?

PackControl is automated to the maximum to save costs and minimize mistakes.

You can automatically import all transfers via API connections, automate contracts by filling in rule features and automatically match your administration with the administration of pooling companies. 

Can I see how it works and whether it's suitable for us?

Of course you can! We'll be happy to give you a demonstration of our software. This is free and non-obligatory.

If you decide it's not what you're looking for that's fine. But who knows, you may decide it's what you always needed. 

Make an appointment now for a free demo and see for yourself. 

Will I need to install PackControl on my computer?
No, PackControl is a so-called SaaS solution based on the latest software techniques. SaaS stands for Software as a Service, which means you will always have the latest version of our software. You will log in via our web portal and use the software on our secure servers.