When you're working with reusable packaging items on a day to day basis, you'll know how much work it can be to document where each item is at any given time. Even dedicated forwarding professionals find it hard to manage their containers, crates, boxes, pallets, carts or trolleys.  

Combining decades of experience in logistics and IT, the founders of PackControl developed the best software to fully manage and control all your reusable packaging.

Our thorough knowledge of your processes and sound expertise in IT makes this the world's most comprehensive reusable packaging registration software solution. 

You know how these things go; as we do from experience: when it gets busy, you lose track of your reusable packaging. Even with your thoroughly thought-out Excel sheets for reusable packaging items management, there's no chance you can update it in peak times. As a result, you have to buy or rent too many additional packaging items.

Now you can manage all reusable packaging items, even when busy

PackControl offers you a complete solution, with which you always know exactly where every packaging item is at any time and arrange quick and efficient (return) shipment. And that's not all.


Packaging management software designed by professionals

To fully understand reusable packaging, you must know your way around transport and logistics, production environments and pooling services. 

And to design working packaging management software that's so much more than an Excel sheet, you need to know about developing software and be up to date with the latest in this fast changing world. 

To develop PackControl experts in the field of transport and forwarding have teamed up with IT wizards who can make complex processes easy to manage, always. and everywhere.

The strength of PackControl is not just our knowledge of IT, but our experience in the field.

Our basis for developing the best returnable packaging software available:

  • Decades of ownership and management of a sizeable transport and forwarding company.
  • Many years of working with returnable packaging items.
  • Working with complicated and extended pooling systems and Dutch flower auctions.
  • Development of a modular software system suitable for quick software development.
  • Developers of the widely used Accountview bookkeeping software now owned by the international Visma group .
  • An international team of software wizards supporting our further development.
  • A Mastermind Team of discerning industry professionals who keep us on track. 
Man with a crate full of flowering plants in a greenhouse

We felt packaging registration should be automated to save time, costs and mistakes. PackControl is the packaging registration software that will make the difference for you.