July 19, 2023

RTI management stress in your vacation? Here's what you can do

RTI management stress in your vacation? Here's what you can do

If you are responsible for the registration and management of reusable packaging items, or RTIs, you will recognize this: just back from your summer break, you find a pile of work on your desk. Gone is your vacation spirit as you sit down with a sigh to clean up the mess. Packaging management should be easier. We have good news: there is a solution, and it actually works.

Packaging registration can be complicated. That's why you use multiple (linked) spreadsheets, or manually combine data from various systems.

After all, quite a few different data come together in a comprehensive packaging registration:

  • Stocks of all types of reusable and returnable packaging
  • Incoming packaging items
  • Outgoing packaging items
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Carriers
  • Pooling balances
  • Internal movements, if you have multiple locations
  • External transfers and trip planning
  • Deposit settlement with the right counterparties
  • Contracts
  • Claim handling in cases of damage and loss
  • Responsibilities and agreements

Packaging management goes well – until you’re away

Packaging management takes a lot of time, but in general you’re doing well. Until you go on vacation. As long as the data is entered in the right way, in the right place, little can go wrong. But once you’re away, the colleague who is acting for you turns out to not quite understand the system, not be aware of current agreements with counterparties or where to find them and apply them correctly. 

Big backlogs

Before your vacation, you showed your replacement where to find information and how to fill in the details. And yet, when you return, you find your desk full of unprocessed receipts and incomplete lists. Balances do not add up and you are not even sure whether everything else did go well. There goes your chilled out mood.

If you are lucky, you only have to spend days to clear the backlog. But it can be worse: your colleague has processed data in the wrong way and your entire Excel system – which previously worked so well – is thoroughly messed up. Or, if you’re very unlucky: costs have been passed on incorrectly and you notice large differences between physical and administrative stocks. See that straightened out.

Don’t let RTIs ruin your break

When you go on a well-deserved vacation, you should be able to relax, just like everyone else. Enjoy your break, without feeling the stress of what is to come when you return to work. You can, with PackControl.

Easy packaging management with PackControl

Whether you go on vacation, take a few days off, share your job with a colleague, or are (occasionally) dependent on colleagues for any other reason, packaging management only works if it is continuously kept up to date. To ensure that, without stress, we have developed a new, comprehensive software solution: PackControl.

PackControl is the best and most complete software for your packaging management. Developed by people with a thorough comprehension of returnable asset management and logistics. 

Where other RTI software solutions can often handle only part of the packaging registration, with PackControl you can easily record all aspects of your reusable packaging items. 

Less manual input

Working in PackControl is easy and assumes as little manual input as possible, because human input – as you noticed after your break – is usually the biggest cause of mistakes. 
In PackControl you can easily import and register all data related to your returnable packaging items. You retrieve data from pooling companies and counterparties and can link to the ERP, WMS, CRM and other existing administrative systems within your own company. You can easily share overviews with counterparties and adjust balances where necessary. 

Store and manage relevant documents

Contracts with counterparties and other documents can be stored in the software. This way you can start negotiations for contract renewal on time and can easily handle claims. Any special agreements, for example about responsibilities and deposit settlement, are registered centrally in PackControl. These are then automatically applied to all relevant transactions. 

Your work as a packaging manager is more than just those spreadsheets. If colleagues can simply keep track of the packaging administration during your holiday – and they can with PackControl – your break will be carefree and you’ll easily pick up work when you come back. 

Want to know how it works? 

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