February 23, 2024

RTI counts: easily increase frequency, speed and accuracy | PackControl

RTI counts: easily increase frequency, speed and accuracy | PackControl

Getting a grip on your reusable packaging stock is important for cost control, proper planning and correct financial accounting. But the larger your inventories and the shorter the turnaround time, the more difficult it is to carry out frequent packaging counts. The PackControl Inventory Count helps. Setting up this work process is flexible: you determine the frequency, task allocation and reusable packaging types to be counted.

Counting reusable packaging stocks is not always easy. Do you include the shipment that has just arrived or not? And what about the shipments that were picked up a moment ago? As a result of these uncertainties, many companies limit RTI counts to the minimum that is mandatory for the financial administration: once or twice a year.

Major financial consequences

Infrequent counting often results in enormous correction entries, while it is impossible to check where the differences arose. At the same time, your planning suffers. As it remains unclear whether enough reusable packaging items are in stock, you’ll keep more stock than necessary. This leads to high costs.

Regular reusable packaging counts with PackControl Inventory Count

PackControl Inventory Count is part of the PackControl packaging software. With this automated work process, you can quickly and methodically check whether the actual quantities of packaging in your warehouse still correspond to the numbers in your administrative system. Because this is linked to the value of individual packaging items, you can also easily process the administration in your financial accounting. This gives you a firm grip on your reusable packaging on both a physical and financial level.

Flexible work process for counting reusable packaging

Because all companies have their own work processes, we have designed the Inventory Count for easy, flexible setup. You can assign responsibilities to multiple employees and thus apply the four-eyes principle.

The process

Step 1 - PackControl creates a Draft Inventory Count

In a packaging transaction (a transfer), the PackControl software creates a Draft Inventory Count. The count can be prepared for one or more specific items, but also for all available types of packaging. Comments or explanations can be added to this digital form and the count can be assigned to a specific person.

You can set up the PackControl Inventory Count flexibly and make sure each employee only performs their assigned task when counting reusable packaging.


Step 2 – Carry out the Inventory Count

The digital Inventory Count Form will show exactly who needs to count which items of reusable packaging. The employee who carries out the task can add comments or remarks for each packaging type. After counting and filling in the form, this person will sign and submit the numbers. The data are then automatically compared with those already registered in the PackControl administration.

Always the right time

Before submitting the numbers, the employee who performs the count enters the date and time of counting in the digital form. With transactions in PackControl always being up-to-date, the system can then check exactly whether the counts match the expected numbers.

Step 3 - Check counted packaging and recount if necessary

A colleague checks the processed data and checks the differences. If the numbers are correct, no further action is required. If there are any differences or inconsistencies, it is possible to request a recount. The packaging items are then counted again, if necessary by a different employee.

Step 4 - Correction entries in the reusable packaging administration

If even after recounting, discrepancies between the actual and the registered stock remain, PackControl automatically prepares a correction entry. The designated employee can confirm this entry in the system, after which a financial entry is made to correct values and reusable packaging quantities are set right to enable accurate planning.

Additional layers of authorization

Because of the way the process is set up, you are flexible in adding extra steps. In this way, only designated people can make correction entries. As an organization, you could define that a correction entry can only be approved by an administrator. Applying this extra layer of control prevents errors and fraud. And because every step is logged in the system, you can always trace who performed the counts and who booked the corrections.

PackControl packaging software gives you control over all processes within your reusable packaging registration. Do you also want to keep a full grip on your reusable packaging? Discover all the benefits of the PackControl packaging registration software here.