March 8, 2023

Reusable packaging: do deposits affect your cash flow?

Reusable packaging: do deposits affect your cash flow?

Companies that use a lot of reusable or returnable packaging often lack insight, not only into physical packaging flows, but also into the associated financial flows. If you don’t have a grip on the exact quantities and associated values, costs will easily get too high. The solution lies in automated packaging registration, which processes both quantities and values and makes data exchange with counterparties and pooling companies easy.

Too often, processes related to the cost of reusable packaging are based on assumptions. With no real ability to verify whether data are correct, invoices for transport and use of items are approved and paid based on trust.

No accurate cost control

In practice, the reconciliation of physical balances of packaging items such as pallets, carts and shelves, dollies, (folding) crates, boxes and containers proves to be difficult. The result: you keep much more in stock than necessary or regularly run into shortages, and accurate packaging cost control seems impossible.

Claims handling costs too much time and money

Another problem: damage, loss and theft. Especially with easy-to-move packaging items such as folding crates, theft is an increasing problem. How can you keep a close eye on whether what has come in is still present? And who pays the costs for lost, undelivered or damaged packaging items?

  • The human factor is where registration of reusable packaging usually goes wrong:
  • Balance reconciliation with counterparties
  • Balance reconciliation with pooling companies and the (flower) auction
  • Correct settlement of deposits
  • Financial administration based on actual figures
  • Settlement of claims

The importance of a comprehensive packaging registration

A balanced packaging registration is of increasing importance in packaging pooling and wherever reusable packaging regularly changes locations. Keeping track of what comes in and goes out on an Excel is no longer sufficient and will quickly cost you a lot of money.

With PackControl you not only automate balance reconciliation with pooling companies and counterparties. You always process costs, transportation, special agreements, damage claims and deposit settlement properly.

Especially the settlement of rent and deposit - depending on correct reconciliation and proper planning - often involves enormous amounts. Correct settlement can save you a lot. The handling of claims concerning damaged or missing packaging can also negatively affect your company’s cash flow (and cost you too much time).

Why don't you have a packaging registration software yet?

A balanced financial administration is impossible without a comprehensive packaging registration. So far, that has been a problem, as no software existed which properly registered the financial side of the returnable packaging.

Packaging registration: a valuable addition to your financial systems

With PackControl's packaging registration software, you not only automate balance reconciliation with counterparties, pooling companies and the flower auction. You also ensure that costs, transportation, special agreements, damage claims and deposit settlement are processed perfectly. It’s not just simple registration software, but a valuable addition to your financial systems. It provides insight and therefore peace of mind. 

PackControl: Get a grip on the financial processing of your packaging transactions

Comprehensive packaging registration for reusable (pooling) packaging gives you financial control. We'd be happy to show you how it works.  Click this link to easily make an appointment for a free and non-obligation demo.