We're using a lot of reusable crates and pallets. PackControl makes it easier to manage them without the multiple Excel sheets we used before.

– Logistics manager

Managing reusable packaging can be chaotic, especially in busy harvesting times. You need to keep track of items, values, rental contracts, locations and transfers. Working in Excel can make it complicated, time consuming and inflexible. It’s time to get a grip on costs you can’t see. We’ve created the right tool for you! PackControl lets you take full control of all parts of your packaging management. All your data and insights are well-organized and in one place. Stop wasting time. Start getting a clear view of your costs.

Pooling packaging administration in horticulture made easy

When the busy harvesting season begins, you want to make sure the crates and pallets are where you need them. Losing track of crates costs extra time and money, a hidden cost many users overlook. PackControl makes your busy season easier to manage. Say goodbye to Excel sheets and manage all reusable packaging items, whether pooling or your own, in the most complete system available.

  • EPS crates, IFCO crates and all other often-used pooling packaging items are included in our software
  • You can also add your own reusable packaging items
  • You can even add single-use packaging items and non-standard items
  • Do you often use a combination of packaging items, bags, sleeves or boxes? Group them in PackControl to control stocks and efficiently plan your work
  • Easily import balance overviews from all major pooling companies
  • Automatic matching of transfers, no more manual checking
Men inspecting fruit in boxes

In harvest season you don't have time to manage EPS or IFCO crates and Euro pallets. Get full realtime control of your packaging with PackControl.

Keep track of EPS crates, IFCO crates, Euro pallets and more

  • Import transfers of all reusable packaging
  • View current and completed transfers and inform counterparties
  • Import daily balance overviews from all major pooling companies
  • Manage standard as well as non-standard items
  • Manage quantities and values

Realtime matching

  • Let counterparties confirm transfers at the door
  • Report, handle and solve claims for missing or broken items
  • Manage responsibilities and special agreements
  • Automatically apply exceptions per carrier or counterparty
  • Effiency: all packaging data in 1 single system
Woman with crates full of avocado's in a workspace

Automatic matching of pooling transactions

  • Easy processing of balance overviews
  • Manage deviations and claims
  • Ensure correct settlement of deposits
  • Reduce your total use of packaging, improve sustainability
  • Compile management reports for analysis