Correct registration of bread crates and dollies, pallets and other reusable packaging is complicated. We now manage everything in one program. Simple, time saving.

– Forwarding executive, bakery

Managing reusable packaging can be chaotic. You need to keep track of items, values, rental contracts, locations and transfers between your bakery and stores or distribution centres. Noodling in Excel doesn’t do the trick. It’s time to get a grip on costs you can’t see. We’ve created the right tool for you! PackControl lets you take full control of all parts of your packaging management. All your data and insights are well-organized and in one place. Stop wasting time. Start getting a clear view of your costs.

Simplify your complex reusable packaging with PackControl

Forget multiple systems or intricate, self-styled Excel sheets for the management of your reusable packaging. In the bakery industry, bread crates and dollies are used, as well as CHEP pallets, LPR pallets and Euro pallets. It can be difficult to keep track of all items as bread is transported every single day of the year. Never worry again, but start saving time and money on your reusable packaging.  

  • Software that adapts to your specific needs
  • Automatic transfer processing of your reusable packaging
  • One system to manage the entire journey of all reusable packaging
  • Save time and money as you never again lose track of packaging items
  • Improve your sustainability
  • Quick, easy to learn system
  • Easy set up
Man in bakery with tablet computer

Complex systems are made easy with PackControl. Get a grip on your reusable packaging items now.

Efficiently manage bread crates, dollies and pallets

  • Import transfers of any reusable packaging
  • View current and completed transfers, inform stores and suppliers
  • Import balance overviews from pooling companies
  • Manage quantities and values at DC's, stores and counterparties
  • Automate your reusable packaging management

Realtime matching

  • Let suppliers and stores confirm receipt at their locations
  • Report, handle and solve claims for missing or broken items
  • Manage responsibilities and special agreements
  • Automatically apply exceptions per carrier or counterparty
  • Transfer items between your own locations without balance build-up
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Automatic matching of pooling transactions

  • Easy processing of balance overviews
  • Manage deviations and claims
  • Ensure correct settlement of deposits
  • Reduce your total use of packaging, improve sustainability
  • Compile management reports for analysis