February 12, 2024

Packaging registration: prevent errors with task management | PackControl

Packaging registration: prevent errors with task management | PackControl

No matter how much you automate, the human factor will always remain part of your packaging registration. Counting, verifying, and approving transactions will often require attention from yourself and your colleagues. But the more people work in the same system, the greater the chance of error. To prevent mistakes, it is important to ensure a proper task allocation. PackControl does just that, to make your work easy and flawless.

How helping hands lead to frustration

Just when you think you've got your entire packaging registration in order, something goes wrong. It’s never intentional, but it happens anyway. A colleague enters a list of counted items in the wrong column. Or someone looking up information accidentally 'cuts' the data from your spreadsheet. A helpful colleague enters data that you hadn’t checked yet or the new one in the office is used to doing the packaging administration just a little differently. And how about the person who was supposed to replace you during your time off who turned out not to understand the spreadsheet after all? Or someone in Finance who made adjustments because the accounting system 'said something different'?

These are just a few examples from daily practice that show how easily your packaging management system can get confused.

Steps you can take to keep your packaging registration error-free

You can do a lot to set up your packaging registration in such a way that little can go wrong. The following measures make a big difference:

  • Make clear agreements about roles and responsibilities
  • Task allocation: not everyone needs to be able to work in the entire system
  • Reduce the risk of error with simple processes
  • Keep it simple with as few process steps as possible
  • Automate work processes

Error-free packaging management in PackControl

There’s a way to make roles, responsibilities and tasks clear for everyone working in your packaging registration. The PackControl packaging software is the most comprehensive software for automating your packaging registration. It has been specifically designed to make sure everyone can perform their tasks quickly and error-free. Easily authorize individuals, groups of employees, or departments for specific packaging operations regarding incoming and outgoing items or internal transfers.

Even customers who have access to their data through the PackControl Counterpart Portal can be granted custom permissions.

Large organizations benefit from a clear division of tasks

In organizations with large volumes of packaging in circulation a clear division of tasks is important. The larger the organization, the more people will have different tasks. The system can easily get confusing if anyone can alter data in a complicated collection of spreadsheets, which is why you may want to limit the user permissions per user.

For both large and small companies, it makes sense to assign authorizations to users. This reduces the number of errors.

Avoid confusion, assign clear user permissions in PackControl

In PackControl, you can easily define who can view, modify or even delete specific data. Each employee only sees the transactions in which they have a task to fulfil, and can only perform their own tasks. You can set this up for individual employees, but also for a group of people or an entire department. Authorizations can be defined for packaging receipt or dispatch as well as internal transfers.

Setting up your packaging registration this way will make it easier to collaborate in the same system. You control exactly who can execute which task. At the same time, it will make work planning easier, as you can indicate when the next shipments are expected or planned.

Smaller businesses benefit from setting authorizations too

Even if only a single individual is responsible for your company’s packaging registration, you can benefit from properly setting up tasks and responsibilities. As the packaging manager, you will have all the rights to enter, modify and even delete transactions. And you can specify exactly which data others can view or adjust.

Quicker and more accurate counting of received packaging

An example of clear task-setting is the checking-tool available in PackControl for comparing incoming quantities of packaging with how many were expected. The colleague who checks received quantities fills in the figures upon receipt. The screen is self-explanatory, so nothing can go wrong. If the quantity entered does not match the expected quantity of packaging items, a recount will be requested automatically. This method is quicker and more accurate than relying on handwritten notes from an employee that you must then input and double-check in your spreadsheet.

Authorizations for other departments (and customers!)

Each department (e.g. planning, purchasing, sales, finance) can be assigned specific tasks, ensuring no unauthorized changes can be made to your packaging registration system. Ensure, for example, that colleagues from the finance department can access data, but not make adjustments. Or that people can only modify assigned data.

Even customers can be given access to your system, to only view the figures they need to check, such as packaging balances. As a result, the work will be done faster and you can keep you packaging registration system error-free.

Discover the PackControl packaging registration software

Your packaging registration system will get more user-friendly, quicker and flawless with PackControl packaging software. Discover how PackControl can streamline your packaging registration processes with automation and task optimization. Visit our website to learn more about the benefits of working with the PackControl packaging software.