March 6, 2024

How to keep a grip on packaging balances and deposits | PackControl

How to keep a grip on packaging balances and deposits | PackControl

Many companies rely on trust when settling deposit amounts on reusable packaging, as the precise monitoring of incoming and outgoing quantities can be challenging. At PackControl, we think you can do better. By using our automated packaging registration system, you can automatically reconcile balances and get a grip on the deposit settlement. Rest assured that you will never overpay again.

Trust, but check

Managing your packaging registration is really just about a few simple tasks: reconciling physical balances and settling deposits. The latter can often pose challenges, leading to payments based on trust rather than precise quantities and amounts. A reliable registration system guarantees a clear insight into your stock levels and the necessary deposit settlements. It gives you a firm grasp on costs and ensures you always maintain the right stock levels to meet your needs.

Save time

Checking balances can of course be done by comparing printouts of your counterparties' spreadsheets with your own. But why not spare yourself the exhaustion and boredom of going through the overviews row by row with your yellow marker in hand? Automating these processes not only speeds up the work, but also makes it more enjoyable and error-free.

With the PackControl automated packaging registration system you keep a firm grip on reusable packaging stocks and costs


Reconciliation of quantities can be automated with the Reconciliation feature in PackControl. Easily import overviews from suppliers, customers or other third parties. The system will automatically check them with your own data. Any deviations will be flagged in PackControl, so you can find out what happened and quickly correct differences or offset costs. 

Establish accurate checks for any packaging type

Within PackControl, you have the ability to configure detailed settings for how the system verifies data for individual packaging items or product groups. Are you open to a percentage difference, or do you prefer precise tracking of all incoming and outgoing items (especially valuable ones)? Simply set your preferences in PackControl once, and the system will diligently verify everything for you. Any discrepancies will be promptly brought to your attention for immediate resolution.

Reconciliation rules_XS

With this automated check in place, you can rest assured that your balances with customers, suppliers, and forwarders are always spot-on. Say goodbye to the days of making large correction entries at the end of the year, as any deviations can be immediately identified and resolved with ease.

Never again overpay on deposits

With automated processing, your system will consistently maintain accurate balances. PackControl will precisely identify the deposit amounts that require settlement with specific customers, suppliers, or forwarding companies. You have the flexibility to configure which deposit amounts should be reconciled with each counterparty on a per account and per packaging item basis. This ensures that deposits are always reconciled accurately.

By seamlessly integrating the journal entries of deposit invoices from your financial accounting system into PackControl, you can easily cross-check the amounts with your packaging administration down to the last cent. This ensures that you have full visibility into whether the figures align with your expectations based on your packaging registration. Should any discrepancies arise, you can quickly resolve them, leading to improved bookkeeping practices and never again overpaying on deposits.


A more complete packaging registration in less time with PackControl

  • Streamline your packaging registration process to save time and eliminate errors.
  • Automatically compare data with those of counterparties for seamless reconciliation.
  • Ensure accurate balances are maintained with your counterparties.
  • Ensure the accuracy of your packaging stock quantities at all times.
  • Avoid overpaying on deposits.
  • Effortlessly handle balance statements from pool operators.
  • Specify and monitor criteria for exceptions in balance and deposit calculations.
  • Enable balance reconciliation upon receipt through the Counterpart Portal.
  • Carry out inventory counts quickly and regularly to fully control reusable packaging balances.

All your processes related to packaging registration can now be easily automated, with Packcontrol. Take a look at our website and discover the many advantages of a packaging registration in PackControl.

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