October 12, 2023

Grip on reusable packaging: 9 tips for efficient management

Grip on reusable packaging: 9 tips for efficient management

In the world of logistics and supply chain management, the use of reusable load carriers has become absolutely essential. Pallets, containers, crates, trolleys, and dollies are eco-friendly and potentially cost-saving. Keeping track of these valuable assets, however, can be a challenge. In this blog we're sharing nine invaluable tips to help you take control of your reusable packaging. We will also show you how PackControl packaging registration software makes managing these assets much easier.

1. Centralize information regarding reusable packaging

One of the biggest challenges in managing reusable packaging is dealing with fragmented information. Relying on spreadsheets and information spread across different systems can lead to errors and confusion. To gain better control, it is vital to centralize all information about reusable packaging. By having all data in one place, you can easily search for and utilize relevant information in reports, forecasts, and planning, providing a more efficient and streamlined approach to managing your packaging assets.

2. Smart identification of reusable packaging

Implementing a well-structured identification system can greatly streamline the management of your reusable packaging. By assigning distinctive identification numbers or barcodes to each load carrier and documenting them in your packaging registration system, you can effortlessly track individual items, monitor their locations, and optimize the utilization of your reusable packaging.

3. Real-time tracking of reusable packaging

This goes beyond assigning barcodes to reusable packaging and is particularly interesting for more valuable items. Make an investment in tracking solutions such as RFID tags to monitor the movement of your packaging items in the supply chain. Make sure you have real-time knowledge of the location and status of your reusable packaging. This is an especially useful option at a time when (too) many reusable packaging items are stolen and illegally traded.

4. Periodic audits for reusable packaging

By implementing a regular audit plan to inspect your reusable packaging, you can easily identify areas where items may be lost or problems arise with the settlement of deposits. Periodic checks enable you to quickly detect any missing items, identify damage and ensure that your inventory is always up to date.

5. Efficient location management for reusable packaging

Efficiently planning and utilizing your stocks of reusable packaging requires knowing the precise location of each load carrier. Whether they are within your own production or storage facilities, or at a customer or supplier site, having this information readily available helps you avoid unnecessary expenses from purchasing or renting additional items. By staying informed about the whereabouts of each item, you can optimize your resources and minimize costs.

6. Reusable packaging cost analysis

Packaging costs quickly add up and can be difficult to control. By analyzing the expenses associated with reusable packaging, you can get a better grip on your packaging costs. This not only enhances your understanding of their financial impact, but enables informed decisions regarding purchasing, renting, replacement, repair and use. By keeping a close eye on the costs you gain valuable insights that ultimately contribute to your bottom line. 

7. Cooperation and communication

Ensure that all individuals, both within your organization and with counterparties, are working with the same, clear information. By providing transparent reports and cultivating an open communication and well-organized collaboration, you can effectively oversee the management of reusable packaging. This not only eliminates confusion but enhances overall efficiency.

Optimize your packaging management to ensure efficient use of your reusable packaging.
This saves time and money.

8. Training and education in packaging management

Even the best packaging management system doesn't work if none of your colleagues can work with it. Make sure your team is aware of the procedures for managing reusable packaging. Just ensuring error-free registration will give you better grip. 

9. The ultimate tip: use PackControl packaging registration software

The tips we listed will help you manage your reusable packaging. But if you're seriously interested in centralizing and automating your packaging management, there is one solution that will make the difference: PackControl packaging registration software. This advanced software is specifically designed so you can efficiently and accurately oversee your reusable packaging.

PackControl packaging registration software offers the following advantages:

Centralization - All information is stored in one central place, giving you easy access to all your data. If you want, you can even link this packaging registration software to your CRM, WMS or ERP to easily exchange data between systems.

Advanced registration – in PackControl you can register all information about reusable packaging in a single system. From necessary documentation (soon to be even more important when the PPWR is adopted at the end of 2024) to identification numbers, barcodes and RFID tags. Monitor exact locations and accurately plan packaging usage.

Automated data processing – the PackControl software can automatically import and process balance statements from counterparties such as pooling companies and flower auctions. You only need to quickly go over the figures and can spend more time on efficiency and cost control.

Collaboration and communication – easily send balance statements to counterparties, directly from the PackControl software. Register and automate special agreements with counterparties and make cost calculations for invoicing and deposit settlement. This will improve collaboration and communication within your organization and with external partners. It saves mistakes and a lot of research.

Work flawlessly and check quickly - because you can automate almost your entire packaging management in PackControl, less can go wrong. Checking data becomes easier and you can generate overviews and management reports to keep a firm grip on your reusable packaging.

Real packaging management with PackControl

PackControl enables professional packaging management at the highest level. You can manage and control values, rotation speeds, quantities or a combination of these.

Get a firm grip on your reusable packaging. It will make your work more interesting and more valuable for your company. Find out which of our packages best suits your specific situation.